ITU Telecom World 2015

ITU Telecom World 2017 heads to Busan, Republic of Korea
The Republic of Korea through the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) will host ITU Telecom World 2017, which will take place from 25-28 September in the city of Busan....
7 October 2016
Top-level ICT industry experts to convene at ITU Telecom World 2016
Why is collaboration in the digital economy so important? What is the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in supporting economic policies at the national level and accelerating research and development? What are the implications of Artificial Intelligence for society? How can the global ICT industry help achieve the Global Goals by 2030? Are connected cars the first signs of an ent...
5 October 2016
Countdown begins to ITU Telecom World 2016
ITU Telecom World 2016 opened the accreditation process today for media wishing to attend the world's leading ICT innovation event. Taking place from 14-17 November in Bangkok, Thailand, the event will focus on collaboration in the digital economy and the key role SMEs play in our digital ecosystem.  ...
31 August 2016
High Level Speakers to lead ITU Telecom World Forum discussions on importance of collaboration for digital growth
Speakers from governments and industry from around the world will provide contrasting perspectives on the theme of "Collaborating in the Digital Economy" at this year's ITU Telecom World event. ...
22 July 2016
Radical change underway, but who’s in the driving seat?
Radical transformation of the ICT sector has already brought us a host of life-changing innovations. Take the mobile industry, which has transformed from a niche luxury for a small pool of users at its inception in the 1980s to must-have devices and a critical utility for billions of the world’s population today. This impressive growth in the power, connectivity and flexibility of devices an...
3 August 2015
Accelerating innovation at ITU Telecom World 2015
Technology and innovation have always gone hand in hand – but perhaps never more so than today, where anyone who is connected anywhere in the world can create, design, programme, and implement tools, solutions, applications and products. Effective innovation is no longer the prerogative of the centre, of large companies, or developed nations. Some of the most radical new developments of the ...
3 August 2015
Innovation across the ICT ecosystem
In today’s fast moving, globalized and highly competitive ICT ecosystem, the ability to rapidly innovate is critical to the growth of a country, to its enterprises and also to its population’s social and economic wellbeing.  ...
3 August 2015
ITU Telecom World 2015: connectivity goals, the reality of reaching everyone by 2020 – and why it matters so much
As the backbone infrastructure to all other industrial sectors and the motor of emerging and developed economies alike, ICTs are the cross-cutting key enablers of social development and economic growth the world over. The direct correlation between broadband networks and increased GDP is widely accepted – and ensuring universal access to the digital economy for all the world’s citizens...
3 August 2015