J’son & Partners Consulting conducted a research of Russian PBX market in 2011. According to J’son & Partners Consulting estimations, PBX sales in 2011 amounted 2036,7 thousand ports. The most popular brands are Panasonic, Avaya, LG-Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens Enterprise Communications.



2011 was the most successful from the last several years for Russian companies, supplying and selling all kinds of corporate telecommunication equipment. For example, according to IDC data, Russian server market grew by 28% in 2011. PBX market increase not much less as well.



Unlike servers market, supplies to SMB segment take the biggest share of PBX market. This may indicate the increased supplies of Panasonic which occupying almost 41% of the market: almost all PBX of the company are intended for SMB segment.

Besides Panasonic in 2011 leading positions were held by the companies Avaya, LG-Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens Enterprise Communications, which in general structure of PBX sales in Russia took 16%, 11%, 8% and 5% correspondently.



Like in 2010 Panasonic takes the leading position in sales. Although its share significantly reduced, the number of sold port increased.


Avaya is the leader of IP-PBX sales, its’ share is 32% of all IP-PBX sales in Russia.



Structure of sales by type of PBX ports (analogue or IP) can be significantly different for different manufacturers. It’s worth noting the fact that among all the producers only Avaya considerably changed its sales structure to IP ports supplies. In 2011 the Asterisk/Digium was leading in IP ports supplies in its own sales, its products as well as Panasonic products is targeted for SMB segment. Among the classic solutions the leader of IP port supplies in its own sales isAlcatel-Lucent.



IP-PBX share increase in general supplies in 2011 indicates that Russian market kept following world trends of transition from analogue ports to IP. According to J’son & Partners Consulting, IP ports supplies also increased in SMB segment.



In 2011 the biggest number of PBX in Russia was sold in the Central Federal District – 791,8 thousand ports. It is followed by the Volga Federal District (351,3 thousand ports) and the Urals Federal District (311,6 thousand ports). The smallest number of PBX was sold in the North-Caucasus Federal District – 22,8 thousand ports and in the Far Eastern Federal District – 73,5 thousand ports.



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