J’son & Partners Consulting presents brief results of the research: Consumption of Telecom Services: Users’ Behavior in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Results of 2013.



The market of telecom services is keep growing, according to the Statistic Committee in the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK). For the past 3 years the growth rate was around 16%. According to the results of 2013 total revenue from telecom services consumption was 647.3 bln tenge (135.7 bln RUB) in RK. In 2014 slight market growth is expected for 4%, and for the coming years - 3‑5%. In RUB equivalent, market decrease will be observed – 2% in 2014 due to the exchange rates ruble/tenge.




Mobile communication remains the key revenue driver on telecom market in RK – 46% share of all revenues of telecom industry in 2013. Nevertheless, this share is slowly decreasing in the total market structure. In this view, 2013 became a peak year when revenue from the mobile services took 46% share.


In 2014, J'son & Partners Consulting has finalized the survey of population in RK. 2/3 of telecom services revenues are being consumed by the surveyed respondents. Method of the survey includes telephone interviews in the Kazakhstan’s cities with population over 30 thousand people (52 cities with totally 8.5 mln people or over 90% urban population in the country). The volume of selection allows to make accurate analysis for the following groups of cities:


  1. Largest cities with population over 300 thousand people.
  2. Population: 200-300 thousand.
  3. Population: 100-200 thousand.
  4. Population: 50-100 thousand.
  5. Population: 40-50 thousand.
  6. Population: 30-40 thousand.


Results of the survey allow to determine key tendencies of telecom services consumption in RK and also population expenditures by key types of services.




According to the survey, users mostly spend money on internet access services. The difference between cable and wireless access is not high – 650 RUB per user for wireless connection and 780 RUB per cable access. Population spends the least amount of money on local phone communication – around 220 RUB per month.





The survey also helped to identify the share of actual intercity and international communication subscribers. Around 19% of fixed communication users said that they don’t make calls to other cities and countries. Those, who make such calls, 64% of total respondents still use general stationary phone – via +8 code. 29% of respondents regularly make intercity and international calls via mobile phones, other subscribers use IP-services via Internet or general phones via cards.



Among internet users, only 4% simultaneously use cable and wireless Internet at home (USB, 2G/3G/4G modems, mobile internet etc). Key internet source at home is still cable Internet access - 69%, share of wireless Internet - 27%.



The audience of broadband access to Internet services is relatively young in RK and just has started to form in a stable group of users. Results of the survey: 23% – users with less than 1 year experience of Internet access; over 35% - have a 2-3 years experience, around 2/3 of users have connected to the service for the last 5 years.



Internet users are very active in RK – over 1/3 of them spend daily over 6 hours in the Internet, this indicator includes time spend in the network on the working place.


Speed of incoming traffic per subscriber's device depends mainly on access technology. According to the research, 1/5 (21%) subscribers connect to the Internet on 30 Mbps. Nevertheless, share of users, who use 1 Mbps is still high.


Users of broadband access to Internet are mostly satisfied with internet provider in RK: 66% respondents - wouldn’t change anything and are satisfied with services’ quality, 22% - are not very satisfied but don’t plan to change anything.



Such high loyalty is also being proved by the fact that almost half of cable Internet users (48%) didn’t contact technical support in 2013.


Internet users in RK use cell phone (47%) or smartphone (36%) for internet access out of home, 1/3 (26%) use notebooks.



Other peculiarities and details of telecom services consumption in the Republic of Kazakhstan are presented in the full version of the report, prepared by J'son & Partners Consulting.


Detailed results of the research are presented in the full version of the Report: CONSUMPTION OF TELECOM SERVICES: USERS’ BEHAVIOR IN THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN, RESULTS OF 2013.


(Example of the Content)

1. Resume

2. Methodology and sources of information

3. Telecom Market Overview, Republic of Kazakhstan, 2010-2014

3.1. Market volume and dynamics, $, 2010-2014

3.2. Market volume structure, 2010-2014

3.2.1. By key services

3.2.2. By type of users (B2B and B2C)

3.3. Market forecast till 2019

4. Market share of key communication operators, which operate on RK market, results of the survey, 2013

4.1. Fixed telephone communication. Local and intercity/international communication

4.2. Fixed and Mobile Internet access

4.3. Pay TV

4.4. Mobile communication

5. Population’s expenditures on the basic type of telecom services in the RK, 2013

6. Parameters of telecom services consumption, 2013

6.1. Fixed communication. Ways to make intercity/international calls

6.2. Access to the Internet

6.2.1. Methods to access the Internet at home (cable / wireless)

6.2.2. Experience to use Internet network

6.2.3. Time, daily spend in the Internet

6.2.4. Video viewing in the Internet, users’ genre preferences

6.2.5. Ways to connect cable Internet (ADSL, Ethernet, PON, DOCSIS)

6.2.6. Incoming speed of cable Internet at home (by tariff plan)

6.2.7. Loyalty to current cable Internet provider

6.2.8. Ways of wireless Internet connection at home (4G, 2G/3G)

6.2.9. Structure by types of devices for wireless Internet outside the house

6.3. Pay TV, use of additional Pay TV services

7. Evaluation of the quality of internet providers’ technical support, Kazakhstan, 2013

7.1. Frequency of requests for the last 12 month

7.2. Professional level of provided help

7.3. Time speed for troubleshooting

8. The portrait of the user by key types of telecom services, 2013

®     8.1. Sex-age structure

®     8.2. Income level

®     8.3. Education

®     8.4. Employment patterns

®     8.5. Employment status

®     8.6. Sphere of business and size of the company for working respondents

®     8.7. Marital status

®     8.8. Average scale of HHs


This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.