J’son & Partners Consulting presents main results of the Research: Free ads market in the Republic of Belarus.



Free ads market in Republic of Belarus can be called non-public. According to the J’son & Partners Consulting’s data, market volume was 3.0-3.5 mln USD in 2013.


Free ads market


J’son & Partners Consulting: market volume can be estimated in 3.0-3.5 mln USD in 2013, where around 70% is print media and 30% - online resources. 



J’son & Partners Consulting forecasts growth of online sources share up to 35% of the market by 2016, the volume will reach around 4.5-5.0 mln USD.



Belorussian free ads market generates around 6.5-7.0 mln ads per year, including 2.6 mln in print media.


Market structure


Business has the prevailing share of free ads in the Internet. Hobby, leisure and sport has second position. Practically equal shares in the segment have Electronics, Transport, House and Garden, Style and Fashion – 9.4-11.4%.



Free print ads in advertising media “all categories” dominate in the Republic of Belarus, due to the fact that this topic is universal, rarely – Business, Enterprises, Real Estate, Auto & Moto.


Main market peculiarity is a geographical disproportion in the ads structure: over 60% of all ads are in Minsk. Other regions have relatively same shares.



Largest market players


Auction service second.by (specializing in users’ segment) is a leader in the segment of free ads in internet. Second place has Deal.by focusing not only on consumer, but also on business segment. 



Three major market players can be distinguished among advertising print media: Iz ruk v ruki (IRR), IRR.Avto and My advertising.Gomel. Total volume of ads in these three publishing media is 60% of the total market segment (2.2 mln USD in 2013).




J’son & Partners Consulting estimates market volume in 3.0-3.5 mln USD or 6.5-7.0 mln ads in 2013. J’son & Partners Consulting’s analysts do not expect growth of print ads and forecast further growth of online ads.


Detailed results of the Research are presented in the full version of the Report: FREE ADS MARKET IN THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS



1. Population and structure

  1.1. Dynamics of population in 2010-2016

  1.2. Number of households (HHs) in the country, 2010-2016

  1.3. Regional population allocation, 1Н2013

  1.4. Structure of the population by sex and age, 1H2013

  1.5. Dynamics of working population, 2010-2016

2. Economy of the country

  2.1. GDP in 2010-2016

  2.2. GDP per capita in 2010-2016

  2.3. Expenditures of population and its distribution in 1H2013

  2.4. Unemployment rate, 2010-2016

  2.5. Rating of economic development of the country in 1H2013

3. Internet market in the Republic of Belarus

  3.1. Internet market volume and dynamics ($ and pcs.) in 2010-2016

  3.2. Internet penetration rate by types of connections in 2010-2016

  3.3. ARPU in 2010-2016

  3.4. Key market players, 1H2013

  3.5. Market trends and tendencies

4. Advertising market in the Republic of Belarus

  4.1. Advertisingmarket volume and dynamics in 2010-2016 

  4.2. Advertisingmarket structure in 2010-2016

  4.3. Expenditures on advertising per capita in 2010-2016 

  4.4. Key market players (agencies/ sales houses/ TV channels) by segments in 1H2013

      4.4.1. TV

      4.4.2. Outdoor and print advertising  

      4.4.3. Radio

      4.4.4. Internet

  4.5. Rating of players by GRP turnover

  4.6. Average cost GRP in 1H2013 

5. Free ads market volume and dynamics ($ and pcs.) in 2010-2016

  5.1. Market structure in 2010-2016

  5.2. Print ads market segment in 2010-2016

      5.2.1. Segment’s volume and dynamics ($ and pcs.)

      5.2.2. Ads structure by topic

      5.2.3. Key segments’ players and indicators of their business

      5.2.4. Trends and tendencies

  5.3. Free ads in the Internet segment in 2010-2016

      5.3.1. Ads structure by topic

      5.3.2. Segment’s volume and dynamics ($ and pcs.)

      5.3.3. Key segments players and indicators of their business

      5.3.4. Trends and tendencies


This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.