J’son & Partners Consulting presents short results of the research: Global and Russian Tablet PC Market, Results of 2014.  


Global and Russian Sales of Tablet PCs


According to J’son & Partners Consulting, in 2014 Russian Tablet PC market was 9.4 mln devices with annual market growth of 37%.


Growth rates of Russian Tablet PC market (in pieces) overstepped global indicator - +37% vs +4% according to results of 2014.


Share of Russian Tablet PC market in global sales was 4% at the end of 2014. We would like to stress out that Russian share is twice more in global Tablet PC sales in comparison with same indicator of Russian Smartphone market. 



According to J’son & Partners Consulting’s data, average retail price per Tablet PC in Russia was 8.6 thousand RUB in 2014. The price decreased for 25% vs 2013 and for 45% vs 2012. Increasing share of Russian and Chinese manufacturers and also share of subsidize sales under communication operators’ brands are the key reasons for price deduction



Tablet PC Market Structure by Operational Systems


According to J’son & Partners Consulting’s data, Russian Tablet PC market is almost fully divided between two operational systems - Android and iOS, while the prevailing number of Tablet PCs sold in 2014 operated on Android platform. Share of Goolge operational system increased per 6% for the year and hit 89% sales in pcs. at the end of 2014.


Unlike Russia, share of Android system is not that expansive globally. Due to IDC preliminary data, share of Android on global Tablet PC market was 68%. Share of Windows operational system is around 5% globally, meanwhile in Russia, share of operational system by Microsoft was less than 0,5% sales in pcs.



Russian Tablet PC Market Tendencies and Forecasts


According to J’son & Partners Consulting, the following tendencies took place on Russian Tablet PC Market in 2014:


  • Increasing share of Tablet PCs supporting 3G and 4G;
  • Share of Tablet PCs supporting 3G and 4G increased for 20 p.p. for a year and hit 84% sales in pcs., results of 4Q2014;
  • Decreasing average retail price per Tablet PC, increasing number of offered budgeted devices;
  • Increasing share of operators’ Tablet PCs; In 2014, branded Tablet PCs by Megafon and Vimpelcom regularly became the best sellers;
  • Improving coverage and quality of operators’ 3G and 4G networks, low costs on Internet in Russia;
  • Increasing popularity of mobile apps and services.

J’son & Partners Consulting’s forecast: total sales of sold Tablet PCs in Russia will reach 14.5 mln devices by 2019 with increase for 56% vs 2014.



Experts Opinion


J'son & Partners Consulting’s representatives found out market experts’ opinion about Tablet PC market’s perspectives in Russia.  


Viktor Lukanin



Euroset Company, Deputy Vice-President


«Tablet PCs era is not passing by. Depending on new models launch, market sales speed up or slow down. We consider that it is not right to compare Russian and global markets. Unlike global principles for mobile gadgets sales, local cellular retailers do not subsidize sales of devices. Major part of Russian market operates via retailers, not operators. By this, our customer chooses, in most cases, certain model and not the model with attractive tariff plan.


We are observing replacement of Tablet PCs by smartpones with big screens; nevertheless it doesn’t mean the loss of Tablet PCs market share. Each device has its own functionality and purpose. For example: car vehicles cannot replace LCV. Each direction has its own market niche; there are still snapshot cameras and MP3-players.


Russian Tablet market increased for 29% (pcs.) and decreased for 2% ($) in 2014 vs 2013. First market decrease (pcs.) happened in January 2015 – for 14%, in $ the decrease was 32%. This happened due to the market saturation with Tablet PCs. Decreasing dynamics couldn’t be changed by price deduction, which reached almost the level of smartphone price. In yearly calculations, average price per Tablet PC reduced for 24% from 11 700 RUB till 8 800 RUB. Despite the fact that smartphones and Tablet PCs had almost the same level of average prices, Tablet PCs were purchased less in 2014 vs 2013. In 2013, 2.8 smartphones vs 1 Tablet PC, in 2014 it was 3 vs 1. Tablet PC market saturation is happening more intensive than smartphone market.


Samsung kept leadership on Tablet PC market (pcs.). 88% of all sold Tablet PCs are based on Android. Growth of Tablet PCs sales in 2014 was due to sales of models with 3G – 66% (pcs.) and 51% ($). 4G devices sales decreased till 12% (pcs.) and increased till 30% ($). Share of Tablet PCs only with Wi-Fi dropped till 22% (pcs.) and till 19% ($). Models with 7” till 8” screens were in most demand in 2014 – 63% (pcs.) and 41% ($) of all sold on Tablet PCs the market. The most popular, by memory size, were Tablet PCs with 16-32 GB, incl. 16 GB. Share of devices till 8 GB increased almost twice in comparison with 2013. As for the price range, the highest share of sold devices cost from 5 000 – 10 000 RUB (30% - pcs., 25% - $).



Anatoly Petrovikh



Svyaznoi, Strategic Planning Director


«Tablet PC market itself – is the most dynamically fast growing category on personal electronics market in Russia  - is on maturity stage at the moment, by showing double-valued growth rates (pcs.), results of 2014.


Analyzing results of 2014 we can point out that first stage of market saturation is finalized in Russia. Sales showed growth in 33% (pcs., our data), and remain on the same level in $.


Russian market showed record penetration of Tablet PCs in 2014. In our country 1 Tablet corresponds to each 3rd smartphone, while in the world this correlations is 1 to 5. Such result was achieved, first of all, due to the development of budgeted price segments thanks to tougher role of B-brands.


Share of B-brands in sales (pcs.) was 65%, results of 2014. By the end of 2014, share of Tablet PCs per less than 10 000 on Russian market was almost around 75% (pcs.) and 40% (RUB). The highest growth – more than twice – showed the price category till 5 000 RUB (in 2014).


New market leader strengthen its position in 2014 – Explay, overstepped Apple’s sales, results of 3Q2014. B-brands domination trend will continue in 2015. Budgeted segment will develop even more active than in 2014, which increased its share in 2014.


Growth of sales will be fixed in some categories of Tablet PCs in 2015, as well as growth in regions will less than 1 mln.inhabitants, where market hasn’t yet launched maturity stage.


Tablet PCs with sreen size over 9 inches will also expand – such devices will become key competitors for notebooks, thanks to the price, portability and additional opportunities - special Tablet PC’s accessories, such as keyboard/doc-stations, storage cards etc.


Users pay attention to additional functions of Tablet PCs, incl. LTE-module. Manufactureres, on the other hand, will provide more additional options, in order to attract clients on highly competitive market».


Sergey Fomin



Marvel-Distribution Company, Strategic Planning Director, CIS


«Tablet PC market will experience major changes in 2015. Share of Tablet PCs with small screen size (7 inches) will decrease same as with wireless modules 3G-LTE, which are massively being replaced by phablets (smartphones with 5 + inches screens). Last year growth of devices in the segment 8”-10” screen size will slow down. Market will be categorized by further average price deuction per device in USD. The correlation of operational systems’ share will remain, but slight growth can be expected in the segment of Tablet PCs with Windows OS and devices with special functionality (water- and hit protection, with pre-installed corporate softare etc)».


Detailed Results of the Research are Presented in the Full Version of the Report: Global and Russian Tablet PC Market, 2013-2019


1. Global Tablet PC Market Overview

1.1. Market Volume, pcs. 2013-2014

1.2. Market Structure by Manufacturers, 2013-2014

1.3. Market Structure by Operational Systems, 2013-2014

2. Russian Tablet PC Market, Key Indicators

2.1. Market Volume, pcs., $

2.1.1. Market Volume, pcs., 2013-2014 (quarterly dynamics)

2.1.2. Market Volume, $, 2013-2014 (quarterly dynamics)

2.1.3. Market Structure by Operational Systems, % of sales in pcs., 2013-2014 (quarterly dynamics)

2.1.4. Market Structure by Operational Systems, % of sales in $, 2013-2014 (quarterly dynamics)

2.2. Average Retail Price per Tablet OC, Market Structure by Price Segments

2.2.1. Quarterly Dynamics of Average Tablet PC Retail Price, 2013-2014 (quarterly dynamics)

2.2.2. Market Structure by Price Segments, % of sales in pcs., 2013-2014 (quarterly dynamics)

2.2.3. Market Structure by Price Segments, % of sales in $, 2012-2014 (quarterly dynamics)

2.3. Main Tablet PC Manufacturers

2.3.1. Dynamics of Tablet PC Market by Manufacturers, % of sales in pcs., 2013-2014

2.3.2. Dynamics of Tablet PC Market by Manufacturers, % of sales in $, 2013-2014

2.4. TOP 5 Models – Sales Leaders, 2014

3. Average Tablet PC Functionality, Sold in Russia, 2013-2014

3.1. 3G/4G Support

® Tablet PC Market Structure with/without 3G/4G, pcs.

® Tablet PC Market Structure with/without 3G/4G, in $

3.2. GPS Support

® Tablet PC Market Structure with/without GPS, pcs.

® Tablet PC Market Structure with/without GPS, $

3.2. Memory Size

® Tablet PC Market Structure by Memory Size, pcs.

® Tablet PC Market Structure by Memory Size, $

3.2. Display Size

® Tablet PC Market Structure by Display Size, pcs.

® Tablet PC Market Structure by Display Size, $

4. Forecasts and Tendencies, 2015-2019

4.1. Tablet PC Market Forecast, pcs., 2015-2019

4.2. Tablet PC Market Forecast,$, 2015-2019

4.4. Tablet PC Market Structure with/without 3G/4G, 2015-2019

5. Conclusions


This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.