J’son & Partners Consulting presents main results of the research: Internet advertising market in the Republic of Belarus.



Several years ago Internet advertising had a small part of total Belarusian advertising market, but now we can observe growth of all segment’s indicators: in 2012 – 2013 market growth was 220%!


Internet advertising market


Volume of internet advertising market in the Republic of Belarus was 15.6 mln USD in 2013. In 2010 – 2013 – 25-30% growth per year.



Decrease of the volume in 2011 is due to the new stage of crisis as a result of general decrease of advertising market. But even then, internet advertising share was bigger vs previous year.


Internet advertising structure


Media advertising prevails and has around 50% of total internet advertising volume. Analysts forecast slight growth of contextual advertising in 2013-2014 vs 2012.



Media and Contextual advertising segments


Banner advertising is dominating in the media segment. J’son & Partners Consulting: media advertising volume in 2013 reached 7.8 mln.USD. 



Main reasons to choose exactly this type of advertising are wide audience’s coverage and low costs.


Volume of contextual advertising sales was around 7.8 mln USD in 2013 according to J’son &Partners Consulting.



Largest market players


J’son & Partners Consulting distinguishes the following largest market players in the Republic of Belarus: RG Media, WEB Expert and VI Minsk.


Among largest advertisers are banks and cellular companies: MTBank, Priorbank, RZB Group, МТС, Velcom etc. 



Pricing policy


If to compare Cost per Impression in Belarus and Russia, it is possible to say about high difference in the banner advertising costs – average price per 1000 clicks costs 20 USD in Russia. The factors are market coverage by the company and general revenue income of enterprises and population in general. Average placing costs of banner’s advertising is 0.8 – 2 USD per 1000 clicks in Belarus.




The effect of low start is influencing vastly the growth of Belarusian internet advertising market. At the moment average growth rate indicators of internet advertising is around 30% per year that gives a scope for investments. Largest agencies continue place advertising on Russian web-sites. So, it is possible to say that local market is not filled, and this gives a space for new market players. 


Detailed results of the Research are presented in the full version of the Report: Internet advertising market in the Republic of Belarus



1. Population and structure

  1.1. Dynamics of population in 2010-2016

  1.2. Number of households (HHs) in the country, 2010-2016

  1.3. Regional population allocation, 1Н2014

  1.4. Structure of the population by sex and age, 1H2014

  1.5. Dynamics of working population, 2010-2016

2. Economy of the country

  2.1. GDP in 2010-2016

  2.2. GDP per capita in 2010-2016

  2.3. Expenditures of population and its distribution in 1H2014

  2.4. Unemployment rate, 2010-2016

  2.5. Rating of economic development of the country in 1H2014

3. Internet market in the Republic of Belarus

  3.1. Internet market volume and dynamics ($ and pcs.) in 2010-2016

  3.2. Internet penetration rate by types of connections in 2010-2016

  3.3. ARPU in 2010-2016

  3.4. Key market players, 1H2014

  3.5. Market trends and tendencies

4. Advertising market in the Republic of Belarus

  4.1. Advertisingmarket volume and dynamics in 2010-2016 

  4.2. Advertisingmarket structure in 2010-2016

  4.3. Expenditures on advertising per capita in 2010-2016 

  4.4. Key market players (agencies/ sales houses/ TV channels) by segments in 1H2013

      4.4.1. TV

      4.4.2. Outdoor and print advertising  

      4.4.3. Radio

      4.4.4. Internet

  4.5. Rating of players by GRP turnover

  4.6. Average cost GRP in 1H2013  

5. Internet advertising market and its features

  5.1. Internet advertisingmarket volume and dynamics 2010-2016

  5.2. Key market players

  5.3. Largest advertisers

  5.4. Pricing policy  

  5.5. Market segments

      5.5.1. Media advertising

      5.5.2. Contextual advertising

      5.5.3. SMM advertising

      5.5.4. Key market players by internet advertising segments  

  5.6. Tendencies for countries’ internet advertising market development

  5.7. Conclusions

6. List of companies mentioned in the Report


This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.