J’son & Partners Consulting presents brief results of the research: Russian and Global Market of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices, Results of 2014


Wearable Computing Devices or Smart Devices as a rule operate under management of operational systems (or are comparable to it), they equipped with GPS technology, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for synchronization with smartphones and other smart devices; with GSM, 2G and 3G for making calls, texting and also with accelerometer, thermometer, compass, chronograph and other technologies.


Global Market of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices


The appearance and distribution of hi-tech wearable devices is one of the most popular trends on the consumer electronics market. Foreign analysts forecast smart devices market at the level of 22.9 bln USD by 2020. Such estimations were based on the theory that key market players will focus their efforts on programming and consumer trend’s predictions, which will replace so-called “dead” by popularity notebooks, tablet PCs and smartphones.


According to ABI Research data, the key market drivers of global hi-tech wearable devices market are medical smart devices and fitness trackers - 90 mln devices were supplied in 2014.



According to Analysys Mason’s analysts, Apple Watch launch in 2015 will be a breaking moment for the market. After Apple’s announcement about smart watch in September 2014, loyal Apple clients are waiting for watches’ launch, which is influence the sales of smart watches produced by other companies and the market in total.


Other manufacturers, such as LG, Motorola and Samsung will win due to the loyalty to their high tech devices, but in the short and midterm perspective, Apple won’t have large competitors for market share of smart watches.


The comparability of smart watches by Apple with iOS system, e.g. other Apple devices, such as Apple TV, HomeKit, HealthKit, Apple Pay will increase devices’ sales and will lead to more active use of them and also will make Apple ecosystem stronger.


As of 2014, fitness tracker is a leading high tech category among wearable devices, which takes around 47% of the market. It is worth to mention, that this category’s share will decrease due to smart watches popularity – category, which now has 8% and will take 17% by 2015. Market structure depends on acceptance by customers’ high-tech wearable devices.


Medical smart devices is the second largest category, widely presented on the market. Consumer smart devices, used in medical sphere, such as earphones, wearable terminals, pulse trackers, dosing devices, and also devices that control the recovery process, all belong to this category. In the nearest future this part will increase its market share among hi-tech wearable devices.


Smart cloths category will also expand, which is now considered as one of the most innovational and interesting market trend. Smart cloths are being used in medical, industry, military and also sport spheres.


Popular Hi-Tech Wearable Devices


The range of smart devices on consumer electronics market is diverse. J’son & Partners Consulting’s experts paid attention on some devices, which have largest number of functions.



After the announcement about smart glasses by Google, the availability of this device for general user is only a matter of time


Textronics was first on the market of e-textile, which became famous thanks to NuMetrex brand – cloths with movements monitoring. Textronics is popular by development and manufacturer of e-textiles – texture with integrated micro electronic components. Company is using the unique development method – use of technology which includes conducting elastic fibers, variable resistive polymers, flexible conducting connecting cables and physiologic trackers and sensors for monitoring.


Russian Market of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices



According to the preliminary J’son & Partners Consulting’s data, market of hi-tech wearable devices in Russia is around 0.3 mln devices that is 2 more than the indicator of 2013. The market will reach 2 mln devices by 2018.



Key Market Drivers:

  •       Increasing smartphones and tablets’ penetration on the Russian market;
  •       Developments of apps’ ecosystems;
  •       Expansion of range in categories: smart watch and sport/fitness trackers;
  •       New market players launch the Russian market;
  •       Social Trends: healthy style of living, addiction to mobile devices, interest to innovations in the sphere of wearable devices;
  •       New budgeted wearable devices on Russian market, available for large amount of potential buyers.


Key Market Deterrents:

  •       Late start of smart wearable devices sales (as a rule, innovational devices become available on Russian market several month later than in rest of the world);
  •       Relatively low range of devices vs number of models, presented in the world – lately smart watches and sport/fitness trackers category is developing and expanding in Russia, the range in such categories as smart cloths, wearable 3D devices and medical devices is still limited;
  •       High prices on wearable devices;
  •       Russia’s economic situation.


Range and Characteristics of Operators LTE Devices Sold in Russia



Experts Opinion


– As a market player, which launches the product on the market, what do you think: where the Russian market is going and what are its perspectives?


Oleg Gribanov

Darenta, COO


«For the market, there are a lot of perspectives. My project is about car lease. There is a tendency for increasing number of cars, started not with the key, as usual, but via mobile devices etc.


In the coming years we will come to the point, where car owner or leaser, won’t need to have a key or a smartphone. You just will have a bracelet or a watch with operational system, which will allow to identify you as an owner for a car. In general, there are growth perspectives almost for everything that makes the life easier».


– What are the key drivers and deterrents of the hi-tech wearable devices market in Russia?



Oleg Usupov

26dotss, General Director


«To wearable devices market drivers we can specify more and more awareness of individuals and business units of the importance of information, especially technological trends Internet of Everything and Big Data technology. Continuous integration of services between each other makes it easier to use separate devices. Large companies’ orientation on new interface - (NUE - Natural User Environment), where almost everything from slipsole till glasses can manage the necessary, for you, elements and encourage to rethink the term “wearable electronics”. In particular, thanks to such technologies as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), wearable electronics become necessary for comfort business operation (even now in R&D departments, architecture bureau, etc) and comfort life (conceptual example - Microsoft Hololens).


Among Russian market deterrents we can name the cost of foreign devices, unpreparedness of infrastructure (networks) and public awareness about wearable electronics, in particular to VR and AR.»


– What is the current situation on wearable devices market: is there sales reduction due to the economic situation in Russia?


Pavel Kozhikhov

Dadjet, Deputy Manager of Retail Network



«We can observe the increasing trend of demands on wearable gadgets. Share of hi-tech sales in total sales of consumer electronics is increasing. People mostly buy gadgets, which help them to expand functions of smartphones or add them: headsets, portative charges, smart bracelets etc.


Market of wearable gadgets didn’t fall due to the crises, but we cannot also deny its influence of growth rates. In the coming future, if economic situation stabilize, Russian market will grow even faster, then now».


Detailed Results of the Research are Presented in the Full Version of the Report: Russian and Global Market of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices, Results of 2014


Example of Report’s Content


1. Resume

2. Introduction

3. Overview of the Global Mobile Terminals and Tablet PCs Market

3.1. Total Sales of Mobile Phones, pcs

3.2. Total Sales of Smartphones, pcs

3.3. Total Sales of Tablet PCs, pcs

4. Global Market of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices

4.1. Definition and Classification of Different Types of Wearable Devices with Operational System

4.2. Overview of Smart Watches

4.2.1 History, First Models, Types of Smart Watches

4.2.2 Technological Analysis of Devices

ü  Technical Characteristics

ü  Operational System

ü  Supported Technologies (BLUETOOTH, WIFI, GPS, 3G etc.)

4.2.3 Key Peculiarities, Field of Use

4.2.4 Main Market Deterrents

4.2.5 Estimation of Total Devices Sales in the World in 2014

4.2. Overview of Sport or Fitness Trackers

4.2.1 History, First Models, Types of Fitness Trackers

4.2.2 Technological Analysis of Devices

ü  Technical Characteristics

ü  Comparable for Synchronization Operational System

ü  Supported Technologies (BLUETOOTH, WIFI, GPS etc.)

4.2.3 Key Peculiarities, Field of Use

4.2.4 Main Market Deterrents

4.2.5 Estimation of Total Devices Sales in the World in 2014

4.3. Overview of Smart Glasses, Helmets of Virtual Reality

4.3.1 History, First Models, Types of Smart Glasses

4.3.2 Technological Analysis of Devices

ü  Technical Characteristics

ü  Operational System

ü  Supported Technologies (BLUETOOTH, WIFI, GPS, 3G etc.)

4.3.3 Key Peculiarities, Field of Use

4.3.4 Main Market Deterrents

4.4. Overview of Other Hi-Tech Wearable Devices, Latest Mobile Technologies and Their Use

4.4.1. Smart Cloths

4.4.2. Medical Smart Devices

4.4.3. Wearable Cameras

4.5. Sphere of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices Use

4.6. Estimation of Total Potential of Global Market

5. Russian Hi-Tech Wearable Devices Market

5.1. Analysis of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices Range, Presented on Russian Market by Categories

6. Main Hi-Tech Wearable Devices Market Problems and Deterrents in Russia and in the World  

7. Forecasts and Tendencies, 2013-2018

7.1. Global Hi-Tech Wearable Devices Market Forecasts and Tendencies

7.2. Russian Hi-Tech Wearable Devices Market Forecasts and Tendencies

8. Conclusions

9. List of Companies Mentioned in the Report



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