According to J’son & Partners Consulting, on the Russian market the perspectives of hi-tech wearable gadgets for kids are determined by the development of new technologies, increasing penetration rate of smartphones and tablets, appearences of new solutions for the security and safety.

Key Questions of the Research

Main global and Russian tendencies have been studied within the research: Market of hi-tech Wearable Gadgets for Kids and Mobile Solutions for Children Safety by segments:

• Hi-tech wearable devices for newborns;
• Hi-tech wearable devices for teen-agers;
• Solutions for children and parents’ safety;
• Educational mobile apps for kids.

Attention was paid to the current consumer trends and presented solutions on Russian market; international developments are also in focus, the one which will appear on the market in some time.


Practical Value of the Research

• Segments to launch the perspective market of hi-tech kids gadgets have been recommended for Russian developers;
• For customers: new market solutions, which can be useful for educational purposes and in order to provide kids safety;


Target Audience

The research is aimed at Russian companies – developers of new mobile devices and mobile solutions for wide audience. The research will be interesting for largest mobile devices manufacturers, software developers, apps’ developers, venture and investment funds, start-ups and research agencies.


According to J’son & Partners Consulting’s date, for the past five years smartphones petnetration rate increased among teen-agers due to the availablility of budgeted smartphones and also with the development of new social trends - parents are being more and more concern, what their kids do at school, what do they eat, etc.

Hi-Tech Wearable Devices for Newborns

The developers have started actively develop new direction of devices for newborns on the global hi-tech wearable devices market. Video nannies are being replaced by smart socks, bracelets, ear thermometers for kids, which allow not only track how the baby sleeps, but to fix important parameters: his temperature, heartbeat and breathing. Such devices are:

Owlet Baby Monitor – smart sock, which allow to monitor life important kid’s parameters during the sleep: oxygen, temperature, sleep, notification when baby is turning. If the indicator changes drastically, the device sends alarming signals to parents’ smartphone. The cost of the devices is 11 400 RUB, the device is being presented in the Russian eShops in the category of smart devices, but is not available for purchase yet.

Sproutling – smart bracelet, which allow to monitor various parameters: temperature, heartbeat, body movements, and additionally the parameters of the climate around – temperature, humidity and lighting. The cost of the device is $249–299, is not yet presented for sale on the Russian market.

BabyGuard Smart Healthcare – hi-tech wearable device, which allow to control the key health indicator of the babies and pregnant women. This Chinese invention is not yet on sale, but has already got to the top 10 of innovational projects Intel Make it Wearable.


Hi-Tech Wearable Bracelets and Watches for Kids

The range of wearable geo-location bracelets for children is expanding due to the increasing demand on such type of devices – even the most cautios parents can not guarantee 24/7 safety of his child.

FiLip 2 – hand watches equipped with GPS-module, which allow to make cellular calls, comparable with operational systems iOS and Android. The release of this model was in September 2014. In Russia the device is being sold by preliminary order, market price is 10 400 RUB.

Tinitell – hand watches equipped with GPS-navigations, main function is to identify the voice during the call. The device will be launched on the global market in August 2015, pre-order is available.

HereO – smart watches with GPS-module and GSM-location services, which allow to monitor the watches’ position via apps HereO Family for iOS and Android. Pre-order is available, the device will be open for sale in August 2015.

BeLuvv Guardian – smart watches equipped with GPS-navigation, warn when a child is far away. The device is available on the Russian market per 2 850 RUB.

My Buddy Tag – is a wearable device for kids, which allows parents to monitor kids in the water. The device is equipped with alarm function in case the child for more than 5 seconds is under the water.

KiZON – e-bracelet by LG with GPS and Wi-Fi, which allows to monitor kids’ location and notify about danger. The device is equipped with emergency button, and if a kid doesn’t answer the call, the pre-installed microphone is turning on and allows to hear what is going on with the baby.

Mobile Solutions for Pupils

There is a variety of mobile solutions for pupils and parents on the market, such as SMS when a child visits school, eTables of his meals, apps InfoSchool.Notifications, My Diary and many others. In accordance with J’son & Partners Consulting’s data, these solutions will be popular on the Russian market as they aimed at improvement of kid’s academic progress, his safety (the most important factor for parents these days).

The app InfoSchool.Notifications, which notify parents about kid’s purchases in the café at school, about his come in/out of school, information from his teachers and about his academic progress. The app is available in Apple Store and Google Play Market.

The app My Diary helps to control kid’s academic progress, monitor his timetable, home studies in online mode.


There are a lot of enterntainment and educational kids apps, which use children, not their parents. J’son & Partners Consulting expert opinion: kids are in the risk zone to become “addicted” to game apps same as to computer games.

Market Structure: Hi-Tech Devices and Programs for Kids

In accordance with the research of kids hi-tech wearable devices, there are several segments of target audience: parents, which monitor kid’s life important indicators since his born, also control kids’ safety and academic progress; kids, which use mobile solutions for educational and entertainment purposes.

The range of hi-tech wearable devices for kids is very poor in Russia, and mostly, they have standard functions like radio- and video nannies, as the market is on early stage of its development in Russia. Moreover, the prevailing number of hi-tech solutions for kids is still on the stage of development on global market. Manufacturers are focusing on the development of these devices, in order to become “closer” to customers, since their early ages, by satisfying the necessities of parents.

Market Structure: Hi-Tech Devices and Programs for Kids:


Detailed Results of the Research are Presented in the Full Version of the Report The Market of Hi-Tech Wearable Gadgets for Kids and Mobile Solutions for Children Safety


Example of Report’s Content

1. Overview of the Hi-Tech Wearable Devices for Newborns
 Overview of the Devices – Equipment
 Pricing Policy
2. Overview of the Hi-Tech Wearable Devices for Teen-Agers
 Overview of the Devices – Equipment
 Pricing Policy
3. Overview of Safety Solutions for Kids and Parents
4. Overview of the Educational Mobile Apps for Kids
5. Overview of the Adjacent Markets
5.1. Overview of the Russian Smartphones’ Market, 2008–2014
5.1.1. Smartphones Market Volume, pcs. and $
5.1.2. Smartphones Market Structure by Manufacturers
5.1.3. Smartphones Market Structure by Operational Systems
5.1.4. Installed Base of Smartphones
5.1.5. Russian Smartphones Market – Tendencies and Forecasts, 2012–2020
5.2. Overview of the Russian Tablet PCs Market, 2010–2014
5.2.1. Tablet PCs Market Volume, pcs.
5.2.2. Installed Base of Tablet PCs
5.2.3. Russian Tablet PCs Market Tendencies and Forecasts, 2012–2017
5.3. Overview of the Hi-Tech Mobile Devices Market
5.3.1. Global Hi-Tech Devices Market
5.3.2. Russian Hi-Tech Devices Market Definition and Classification of Different Types of Wearable Devices with Operational System The Analysis of Hi-Tech Wearable Devices’ Range, Presented on the Russian Market by Categories
5.3.3. Hi-Tech Wearable Devices Market Drivers and Deterrents, Russia and rest of the World.


This Information Note is Prepared by J’son & Partners Consulting, We strive to provide factual and prognostic data that fully reflect the situation and are available to us before issuing the material. J’son & Partners Consulting reserves the right to revise the data after publication of new official information by the market players.