February 16, 2015 11:04

By December 2014, commercial LTE networks operated in all Russian regions excluding only Kamchatka region, Magadan region, Chukotka and Nenets. By number of 4G covered regions MTS is a leader (76 regions), next are Megafon (72 regions) and Vimpelcom (44 regions). Tele2 launched commercial LTE only in Tula. Each local operator – Vainakh Telecom, Motiv and Tattelecom had launched LTE-network in one region – the Chechen Republic, Sverdlovsk region and the Republic of Tatarstan accordingly.

According to preliminary estimations made by J'son & Partners Consulting, Megafon was a leader by number of 4G base stations (BS) at the end of 2014. Together with its subsidiary Skartel (Yota) operator deployed around 15 thousand BS or around 41% of all LTE BS in Russia/ Next is MTS (around 13.6 BS, 37%) and Vimpelcom (around 7 thousand BS, 19%).