April 10, 2015 14:48

According to J’son & Partners Consulting the advertising based on Wi-Fi analytics with clients’ positioning will become a key driver for Russian public Wi-Fi networks development in a long-term perspective. The cost of such projects, which increase the attractiveness of trade centers for lessees, is relatively low. So, in most cases this sector will be a field for small targeted advertising agencies.


In general, according to the surveys of global operators the most important strategies for Wi-Fi networks’ monetization will be connected to mobile network offload (Wi-Fi Offload), geo-location services, analytics based on Wi-Fi users’ Wi-Fi networks and services for business. These are sphere, where services can be offered via Wi-Fi, the one that differ from basic access and which have additional value. Nevertheless, the question regarding the Wi-Fi networks’ monetization and quality of services remain the most complicated and critical aspects of public Wi-Fi networks.


According to J’son & Partners Consulting’s experts, Russian operators will not actively use Wi-Fi Offload till  2016. By this time, the capacity of 3G/LTE will be not enough. On the other hand, new ecosystem will be forming and there will be an opportunity to use global operators’ experience.


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