July 28, 2015 16:12

According to J’son & Partners Consulting’s estimations, volume of Russian Market of Services in the sphere of IS increased in nominal (RUB) value per 13% till 51 bln.RUB that is a little bit higher than nominal IT market growth rates in Russia, which, according to GKS.ru data, had been around 10%. As a result, market of methods and services in IS sphere has around 7% in the totaёl volume of Russian IT market. As for the IT market in general, positive dynamics of Russian IS market in 2014 was due to the ruble’s depreciation and increasing prices on IS imported equipment, which became obvious in 4Q2014. Such situation was observed for the first time since 2009.

In any case, due to stagnation of IS market development, there is a certain increasing threats for IS due to its transit on new quality level that is proved by key market players’ data.

«We mark the transition of cyber crimes on a new quality level, it means that shadow market of cyber criminality is transforming into a well-functioning industry, which fully repeats laws of general world: the development, support, return of funds in case not satisfaction with purchased goods, lease of technologies and equipment, intermediate agents’ services, un-trackable payment systems, partnership programs, cash out and many others. It is no coincidence the term Crime-as-a-Service appeared, which means the transformation of cybercrimes market in a well full-cycle machine, which operates with “minus” term», – marked an expert from Cisco, responsible for IS, Aleksei Lukacki.

If to speak about IS market structure, it didn’t change a lot in 2014. As previously, key Russian IS market segments are segments of networks safety and anti-virus protection, together these segments have 70% market share. Nevertheless, despite lack of changes in dynamics and structure of the Russian IS market, the possibility of them during 2018 is very high. At the same time a forecasted continuously negative macroeconomic situation will become one of the key drivers for structural changes of IT market in general and IS segment in particular.


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