June 3, 2016 18:46


- Nikolaos Mavridis, PhD, professor of Innopolis University, Head of Cognitive Robotics System Laboratory, founder & director of IRML Lab


- Ivan Laptev, PhD, research director in INRIA Paris and VisionLabs


- Manohar Paluri, research lead at Facebook AI Research & head of Computer Vision group


Annual conference Skolkovo Robotics took place 20 May in Skolkovo innovation center, based in Moscow, Russia. The event is traditionally organized by Skolkovo’ Robotics center and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkolTech) with the support of Moscow Institute of Technology. Skolkovo Robotics 2016 gathered together approximately 5K specialists in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. as well as experts in project’ development and promotion, start-ups, investors, governments’ representatives. The program included 90 expert speeches from leading universities and large companies of 10 world countries.