June 9, 2016 18:33

«We are going to change people perception of distance. Just imagine, you could live in London and work in Paris or vice versa, live in San Francisco and work in Los Angeles, live in Moscow and work in St.Petersburg. Economy will flourish because transportation does not an issue anymore...And sure Russian market with long distances is very attractive to us...».


Startup Village 2016 took place 2-3 June in Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow, Russia. It is the largest start-up conference for technology entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe. This year's conference was attended by 20 K visitors, including: 7K start-up representative and 1.5K investors. About a dozen different agreements were signed within Startup Village 2016, including China's Kunshan Nano New Material (Foxconn’ subsidiary), Panasonic and Tele2 Russia. Boeing’ Aviation Training and R&D center was also opened in Skolkovo officially.