Где: The Curtis Hotel, Denver

Организатор: Informa

Дата: 2017-03-21 - 2017-03-22

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A Must Attend Event For Networking with Your Peers

Connect with 300+ attendees from across the cable industry



Light Reading stages this event every March to address the latest developments in the swiftly evolving cable technology space.  Operating in a highly competitive environment, cable providers, vendors and standards groups are moving rapidly to draft, develop and deploy new broadband and video specs, technologies, products, services and programs to meet customer demand and keep up with industry rivals and rapid pace of change. Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies serves as the industry's leading independent forum for exploring and evaluating these new specs, technologies, products, services and programs in a compact format.   




Now celebrating its 10th year, Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies is more relevant than ever this time around because the cable industry is tackling more new technologies than ever, including DOCSIS 3.1, Full Duplex DOCSIS, virtualization, distributed access architecture, OTT video, 4K/UHD video, and others. As the premier independent conference focusing on cable technology, the event is also more important than ever this year because of the NCTA's recent cancellation of its Cable/INTX Show, which formerly provided a showcase for many cable next-gen technology developments.




As a result, Light Reading is expanding Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies to two days this year to tackle more technology topics and spur greater discussion. We are also expanding the event to two days because of record sponsorship and attendance levels last March and strong initial sponsor demand for a larger, longer conference.