Где: San Francisco

Организатор: Parks Associates

Дата: 2016-05-24 - 2016-05-26

Добавлено: JSON TV

Parks Associates will host the 20th-annual CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference on May 24-26, 2016.


In the 20 years that Parks Associates has hosted CONNECTIONS™, the connected home has evolved from a high-end concept toward a mass-market opportunity with incredible revenue potential. Today several high-profile market disruptions are emerging as a result of broadband adoption, smartphone usage, and consumer expectations for connectivity solutions that provide a personalized experience.

  • Nearly 60% of U.S. broadband households now subscribe to an OTT service.
  • Nearly 20% of U.S. broadband households own a smart home device.
  • Almost 45% of U.S. broadband households plan to buy a smart home device in the next 12 months.


The executive research conference includes presentations from Parks Associates' leading analysts and visionary sessions featuring executives in the connected entertainment and digital home technology industries. CONNECTIONS™ is the only connected home event to focus on the use cases and emerging business models that will successfully engage consumers and grow revenues in the converging IoT industries - including smart home, connected entertainment, and mobile ecosystems. The audience is top executives, media, and thought leaders in the digital living markets. Presentations include information and analysis on the following subjects:

  • Business Models and New Use Cases
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Innovations Creating New Opportunities
  • Reinvention of the CE Industry
  • Technology Platforms and Services


Session Information

CONNECTIONS™ sessions offer a mix of market research, analysis, and industry insight. This approach is unique among conferences and necessary to capture the complexity of the Digital Living space and to see the opportunities in these interconnected markets.


The CONNECTIONS™ agenda is composed of three different types of sessions, with Parks Associates' expert analyst moderating all sessions:


features multiple keynote presentations. Keynote Speakers address overarching market issues and developments. Submissions are welcome. CEO-level executives typically present the event Keynotes.


Plenary/Whole-audience Sessions
features at least three whole-audience sessions. These presentations address concepts and strategies important to the industry sectors under discussion. These speaking opportunities are reserved for big ideas and cross-industry topics. Sr. VP-level speakers or higher participate in these sessions.


Concurrent/Panel Sessions
CONNECTIONS™ runs multiple tracks during the conference focused on targeted topics so that the event maintains its unique perspective on current Digital Living areas while looking forward to the next wave of innovation and consumer adoption. Expert analysts moderate concurrent sessions, which feature corporate executives, journalists and editors, and Parks Associates analysts and executives.


Past Agendas

Past topic tracks included Content & Services, Home Controls, Connected CE, and Support & Management.  The agenda provides a sharp focus on specific topics while maintaining a broad overview of the Digital Living space, so attendees can see the opportunities in the linkages.