Где: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

Организатор: Informa

Дата: 2016-02-16 - 2016-02-18

Добавлено: JSON TV

Container World is just around the corner taking place on February 16 - 18 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. With two tracks of content daily with both a strategic & technical focus, Container World offers knowledge and learning for anyone interested in building their expertise of containers.




  • DevOps & Lifecycle Management
  • Driving Business Forward through PaaS & Containers
  • Harmonizing Infrastructure & Application Development
  • Empowering DevOps Teams to Meet Business Needs
  • Getting the Balance between Container Standardization & Open Source Innovation Right
  • Hybrid Cloud: Engineering Security & Scalability Across Multiple Complex Systems
  • Security: Business Fear or Technical Reality?
  • NFV & Containers: How is the Combination Taking Networking To the Next Level
  • Thinking outside the 'Container': Start-up Success & the Future of Enterprise IT
  • Containers: A Key Step to Realizing a Multi-Cloud, Native Environment


Designed for IT decision makers, management and investors: addressing strategic implications and business buy in.


  • Turning Containers into Cattle: Cluster Management & Housekeeping
  • Case Study: Containers at Scale at Netflix
  • Discerning the Differences Between OS & Application Containers: Getting the Toolsets Right for Both
  • The Benefits of Building Your Own Container-Based PaaS... and then Open Sourcing It
  • The Dark Art of Container Monitoring
  • Toy Problems Do Not Impress Me: A Real Company's Tech Stack on Containers
  • Solving an Infrastructure Quandary with Containers
  • Container-powered Delivery: 10 minutes from Github to Production, 30x a day
  • Questioning Docker’s Approach to Stateful App Management


Practical implementation & adoption of containers: perfect for developers, operations, engineers and technical staff