Где: San Francisco, CA

Организатор: Slack Frontiers

Дата: 2019-04-24 - 2019-04-25

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What is Frontiers?

Frontiers is an annual conference by Slack that explores the future of work. Come learn how your company can embrace new ways of working—achieving agility and a competitive edge in the process.


Why should I attend Frontiers?

Whether you’re leading or contributing to a team, Frontiers helps you uncover hidden potential within your talent and technologies. Bring the latest insights from industry experts on organizational performance back to your teams to drive better alignment and smarter execution.


At Frontiers, you’ll experience:

Visionary keynotes from industry leaders on how they achieved organizational transformation and increased their bottom line, with a little help from Slack. You’ll hear about new and exciting ways companies like yours use Slack to drive execution, improve alignment and elevate team collaboration.
Three tracks custom-fit to the particular problems you're trying to solve. Whether you’re a Slack admin, an HR leader, or a developer, Frontiers will have the concrete use cases and deeper knowledge you need to optimize Slack for your organization.
Opportunities to connect with the incredible community of Slack customers, partners, and developers. Bring your questions and apps-in-progress: We’ve got Slack engineers at the ready to help you build what you need.

Three paths, many possibilities

At Frontiers, leaders from groundbreaking companies join with Slack partners, customers, and technologists to explore new ways of working together. This year, we’ve created three different tracks to guide you toward the sessions, the workshops, and the speakers best for your particular role or organization.



For business Leaders looking to chart a better course

Learn how teams across Sales, Engineering, HR and more use Slack to ensure clarity of purpose, drive strategic alignment, and streamline execution.



For IT leaders and experienced admins seeking greater success

Learn from peers’ evaluation journeys and success criteria, as well as explore concrete use cases.



For developers looking for immersive training and fresh ideas

Get hands-on experience on the entire app development process, and swap advice with Slack development experts.