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Дата: 2016-12-02 - 2016-12-02

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The global IoT healthcare market is expected to grow from $30 billion in 2015 to $150 billion+ by 2020 and IoT-enabled connectivity within hospital labs will increase total global laboratory test throughput by more than 3 billion diagnostic tests over the next 5 years.


Health Slam 2016 aims to provide clarity and simplicity about the game changing IoT opportunity (whilst addressing the risks) facing the Healthcare and Life science industry. The event builds on the successes of our community’s marquee IoT Slam 2015 and 2016 events and is co-organized in association with the Healthcare Executives Network – the world’s largest Healthcare Practitioner Community, consisting of over 250,000+ professionals.


Health Slam delivers exclusive, cutting edge IoT content that is catered for CxO’s, senior Healthcare IT executives and business line management in Healthcare, Hospitals, and Life Sciences industry. Health Slam features the most compelling topics focusing on how to improve patient care, find new treatments for diseases and ultimately save lives.


The event features highly sought after industry speakers, delivering best practice strategies all under one “cloud delivered event”, straight to your office, home or mobile device. World class keynotes, engaging panel topics and panellists, on-topic user centred content, interactive workshops and meaningful tutorials to provide insight, results, and key takeaways that can be leveraged post event.


Health Slam’16 marks the initiation of our coverage on how IoT impacts core vertical industry, via a series of executive briefings, that will shine the spotlight on how / where IoT can, and –  is impacting core industrial and enterprise sectors.