Где: Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, USA

Организатор: M2M

Дата: 2016-02-10 - 2016-02-11

Добавлено: JSON TV

Tackle the challenges, pinpoint the opportunities, and unlock the business value of Enterprise IoT


In a recent IoT Nexus survey of senior-level executives from enterprise, 65% of respondents expressed a lack of understanding as the main barrier to implementing IoT. Are IoT companies doing enough to communicate the business value of their solutions? What services do the enterprise need from the IoT tech stack?


IoT Nexus USA will create a dialogue between IoT tech companies and their enterprise customers

  • Discover the real-world applications that are helping companies to connect, transform and reimagine how they do business
  • Thrash out the business models and technical ingredients to get the industry moving forwards to the next phase of profitability
  • Secure your place as an influencer in the next generation of Enterprise IoT


Over two-days you’ll:

  • Meet the business leaders with real-world use cases of IoT in action: Build the business case for IoT using ROI metrics that warrant investment
  • Rethink the technology strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT: Determine which new technologies will drive IoT forward to the next stage of development
  • Uncover the investment priorities of C-Level execs from industry: Identify which devices, applications and services offer the greatest revenue potential today
  • Master the data-driven business models that create new revenue streams: Empower enterprise customers to monetize their data assets
  • Assess the market potential for new growth areas: Decide which pain points and opportunities you should focus on now
  • Evolve best practice solutions for guarding against the cross-contamination of data sets: Discover innovative templates for managing complex permission structures for multi-tenant access and
  • Know what it takes to safeguard enterprise data: Tailor your proposition to respond to the security concerns that preoccupy enterprise customers today
  • Find pragmatic solutions to the most common security threats: Develop the business case for security by justifying cost in terms of value


And there’s more to cover.

With actual case studies and best practice examples, top-tier executives on the speaker faculty will deliver a strategic and pragmatic roadmap for implementing Enterprise IoT. Meet the industry heavyweights and innovative start-ups who profit from putting enterprise interests at the heart of their agenda, and learn how to build a proposition that unlocks the business value of IoT.