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Дата: 2016-05-11 - 2016-05-12

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Power has shifted to the digitally connected customer, and business models designed for a more predictable world are fast becoming redundant or uncompetitive. This is driving the need for organizations – irrespective of industry or sector – to become customer-adaptive. But getting on the right path is no easy matter, especially with so many “digital-this” and “transformative-that” messages vying for attention.


Ovum Industry Congress, organised by Ovum, is a comprehensive 2 day conference that explores key research areas, bringing together leading analyst insights with real-world application to drive business advantage. Now in its 6th year, Ovum Industry Congress is the place where everything comes together: people, ideas, and experiences


Themes and perspectives

  • Connecting visionary leadership to the business, the workforce, and the market.
  • Developing an engaged, motivated, and well-equipped workforce.
  • Establishing a collaborative culture and effective working environment.
  • Embracing change by sensing the future: the application of analytics, machine learning, and cognitive computing.
  • Building a rewarding customer experience.
  • Promoting continuous improvement and business innovation.
  • Constructing frictionless, connected processes.
  • Designing an adaptive enterprise architecture.

The future is disobedient. We all need to be adaptive

A customer-adaptive enterprise is one that is able to remain persistently relevant to its customers or the communities it hopes to serve. It does this by being able to spot, capture and use the signals of change that are present in the oceans of data that surround us.


Ironically, disruptive technologies, particularly mobile, social, Big Data and cloud computing, provide the means to tap into the collective capabilities of the organization, and to apply these in the best interests of its customers and communities.


A customer-adaptive enterprise requires visionary and ethical leadership to build the long-term trust so essential for developing enduring relationships, and of course it needs an engaged, motivated, and well prepared workforce to make it happen.


We have tall mountains to climb and wide rivers to cross


The primary challenge facing business and IT decision makers is that of balancing the time, energy and resources required to run-the-business with that required to change/adapt-the-business. We at Ovum think that Congress will help you find that balance point, so we look forward to seeing you there, the Radisson Blu Portman, London, 10-11 May, 2016.