Организатор: KAR (Korea Association of Robot Industry), KIRIA (Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement), ICROS (Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems)

Дата: 2017-09-13 - 2017-09-16

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ROBOTWORLD is one of the three major international robot shows, which consists of exhibition, contest, and conference all-in-one. This is especially driven by the Korean government since 2006 to boost industry as a whole, which had been at its fledgling stage of development.


Robotic industry is regarded globally as explosion stage (Industrial robot by 15%, service robot by 25% increase in 2015, Source: IFR). Since 2012, Korean market has also promoted rapid growth and reached at the market size of 3.8 billion U.S. dollars.


As a global exhibition for robot companies home and abroad, ROBOTWORLD has been a reliable foundation of vitalizing business and robot demand expansion.


Various companies not only in industrial robots, but also service robots, robot parts & components and robot contents are participating in ROBOTWORLD. ROBOTWORLD, as the 12th event, will impress and satisfy you with customized marketing, openness, scalability and lead to beyond expectation and satisfaction.


Now, we welcome you to a global robot festival in Korea, ROBOTWORLD 2017!



Exhibit Profile

Industrial Robots Robot loader/unloader; Material handling robot; Welding robot; Robot assembler/disassembler; Processing and finishing robot; Bio-processing robot; Robot inspector; Robot quality controller; Other manufacturing robot, etc.
Robot Systems Laser marking system; Wafer handler & prover; Wafer-vision inspection system; Array/inspection system for chip component; LED exterior quality controller; RFID pick-up system; SPI & AOI inspection system; FPD Sterilizer and soaping machine for injected plastic; Semiconductor manufacturing system; Display manufacturing system; Steel manufacturing system; Shipbuilding installation system; Automobile manufacturing system; IT product manufacturing system; Pattern & signal inspector; Social security robot system; Medical assistant robot system
Professional Service Robot Building service robot; Security guard robot; Robot fire-watcher t; Fire-fighting robot; Robot rescuer; Marine/Space/Nuclear facility robot; Underwater surveillance robot; Medical robot; Construction robot; Inspection robot for pipe conduit; Structure inspection robot; Civil engineering/constructing robot; Mining robot; Military robot; Robot for agriculture and forestry /fishery; Robot entertainer
Personal Service Robot Robot vacuum cleaner; Home-security robot; Errand robot; Robot for rehabilitation; Assistant robot for disables and elderly; Healthcare robot; Entertainer robot; Pet robot; Sports assistant robot; Compact-sized humanoid; Vehicle robot; educational robot; Robot providing teaching materials and others
Components and S/W Robotic joints; Vehicle for robot; Smart Hand; Motor-drive; Speed-reducer; Sensor robot; Power transfer unit; Hydraulics; Sensor ; Image processing system; Wireless communication-based GPS system; navigation system; Controller; Robot OS and device drivers; middleware; application; Development kit; Simulator; Battery; Recharger; Cables; Cable/wireless communication, etc.
Robot Contents Performance, Arts, Theme Parks, Characters, Games, Movies, Animated cartoons, educational materials, books, musicals, fancy products, Office supplies, toys, etc.