Где: Menlo Park, CA

Организатор: Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Дата: 2016-01-21 - 2016-01-22

Добавлено: JSON TV

Smart Investing & IoT


Meet Hot Startups & Learn IoT Investment Strategies of the Future


Smart Investing & IoT will introduce both new promising companies and investment strategies for those new investors and current portfolio investors in IoT.Whether you want to focus on the major technology players or the small companies at the heart of the IoT trend, the time to do it is now!


Come hear the leading investors in IoT talk about what to look for going forward and what areas to avoid. Learn what IoT technologies will disrupt various industries and why. Watch our Unicorn Quest - StartUp Challenge and hear some of the hottest, most disruptive startups in the IoT space share their ideas, products and solutions and compete in the all-out Unicorn Quest.


The Internet of Things is present in our lives right now, but there is a lot of room to grow. According to the research firm IDC, the IoT market looks to nearly triple in the coming years. In 2014, the global IoT market was worth $655.8 billion, but it could reach up to $1.7 trillion by the year 2020. Are you a player in this market? Or will you get played?


Smart Investing & IoT will help investors, entrepreneurs and executives address the following issues:

  • How will IoT technologies disrupt current industries
  • What IoT technologies and innovations you can take advantage of right now
  • How to invest and profit from the emerging trends in IoT technologies
  • What it will take to turn IoT technology into a billion-dollar company


Who Should Attend the Smart Investing & IoT Conference?

  • EXECUTIVES: Business Leaders and key decision-makers in industries ripe for IoT-caused disruption
  • INVESTORS: Corporate investors, VCs, angel investors and public market investors interested in learning about the most attractive sectors and the crucial success factors for choosing the IoT companies
  • STARTUP FOUNDERS AND TEAMS: Creators of future IoT solutions, eager to learn if the market is ready for their products and ideas
  • EXPERTS: Professionals in various fields supporting the IoT related business


At the Conference, You Will:

  • Network with leading IoT experts and business leaders
  • Take advantage of new investment and partnership opportunities
  • Gain new business insights from IoT adopters, developers and business experts
  • Learn how and where the IoT industry is set to grow
  • Make informed technology purchasing decisions
  • Witness new product unveilings and cutting edge IoT solutions