1 Июня 2018 13:47

Mats Blumenberg, CTO European Wireless Product Management, Huawei.


Even in case of multivendor landscape, all vendors have a sort of interoperability testing, which overlooking by GSMA. Regarding our pilot tests results in 5G – all links to capacity increasing that proved to work in real environment. It is non standalone solutions (new frequency band plus interaction with legacy networks).


Plus we will see reforming of existing bands towards 5G and there will be a mix of 4G and 5G, for instance in 1800 MHz. That has been also tested and we have special solution in cloud core to mix usage of both standards in the same band.

Information Group COMNEWS organized the 10th International Business Forum Wireless Russia & CIS Forum: LTE, 5G & Beyond – mobile communications market facing 5G networks and breakthrough in IoT in Moscow, Russia (30-31 May 2018).