22 Апреля 2015 17:20

OTT-players (Over the Top) like Facebook, Viber or especially so heavy video ones as Netflix are using carriers networks for free. So carriers lose their profit from declining in consuming basic telecom services like voice and messaging due to all user turn to OTT instead of telco service. Moreover, users of OTT video services ordinary generate so huge traffic that overload wireless carrier’s network so it has to always increase network capacity etc.

How LTE development correlates with such OTT boom, who finally would be winner and loser? Is there any possibility for the win-win strategy or integration of telecom and media? New revenue streams, especially in B2B segments like M2M, Telco Cloud, Financial services etc. How things work in Russia? Some regulatory issues for overcoming crisis consequences as well as necessary conditions for sustainable development of Russian Telco providers. These and many other issues were considered within conference Telecom-2015, organized by Vedomosti.