JSON TV is a unique information-analytical portal about ICT and Digital Media


JSON.TV is the leading market analyst and purveyor of strategic news for the Telecom, IT and Internet sectors within Russia and CIS. Through a wealth of analyst data provided by consultancy and mar­ket strategist J`son & Partners, JSON TV provides deep market insights to an online global audience.


JSON.TV (Analytics + TV) is a brand-new video-format of ICT markets research and analysis, global trends monitoring, overview of the key events and professional analytics across all the segments of the telecom, IT, media, Internet markets and digital industry in Russia and CIS. 


 Especially for JSON.TV express their opinions leaders of ICT and Digital Industry: high-tech it and telecom companies, Internet giants, government agencies, investment funds, private businesses, professional societies and leading analysts from around the world.


The founders and top managers of successful companies, leaders, international experts, and other exciting people tell us their success stories and plans of upcoming events and new projects. We discuss challenges and prospects for development of ICT industry, modern trends, strategic plans, technological novelties, interesting ideas, innovative solutions, trends and forecasts of markets and technologies.  

Our readers are employees, entrepreneurs, top managers, analysts, marketers, ICT professionals, governmental officers; journalists, ICT university students.


Our subscribers represent various ICT sectors in Russia, CIS and the world: telecommunications operators of fixed, mobile  and satellite communications; TV operators; TV-channels, online cinemas; suppliers, vendors, integrators, distributors, retailers of telecommunication and IT equipment; IT companies; Internet businesses, social networks, producers and distributors of digital content, online games, music services, mobile applications; investment funds, banks, and government agencies.




Our team: Authors and TV presenters:

Alexandrа Kissel 

Stepan Mazur

Alexander Deduchenko 

Sergey Korzun 

Gennady Ailing 

Yuri Ishmaev 

Sergey Shavkunov 

Sergei Maltcev 

Vitaly Bulatov

Vitaly Solonin 

Alexander Gadalov 

Vasily Savelyev

Alexander Gerasimov

Nikolay Baranovsky

Evgeny Pligin


JSON.TV is a part of J`son & Partners Consulting Group


J’son & Partners Consulting is one of the leading consultancies in Russia and beyond with an extended experience and deep expertise in the fields of telecom, high technologies and media in Russia and neighboring countries.


J'son & Partners team has successfully delivered more than 1000 research projects, including the development of over 200 business plans and market and financial models for more than 300 institutional and private investors, vendors and start-up projects.


Industry Expertise

  • Fixed voice & IP telephony / VoIP markets
  • Fixed broadband, Cellular, Wireless (2G, 3G, 4G, 4G/Wi-Max/LTE), Satellite access markets
  • Pay TV market (Digital, Satellite, IPTV, cable TV, VOD services)
  • Telecommunications equipment market, cellular phones & digital devices market
  • IT, Data Centers, SaaS, Cloud Computing markets
  • VPN and leased lines market
  • Digital (mobile and internet) content, Internet-tv/video services, internet-advertising, social networks, online games markets etc
  • E-commerce, e-payments, e-banking, e-educations etc markets  



Our deep experience, far reaching network of contacts and constant interaction with the major players in the market ensures the high quality of J’son & Partners Consulting work including the study and analysis of all segments of the ICT market in Russia and worldwide.



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