Location: Orlando, Florida

Organizer: Informa Tech

Date: 2021-08-16 - 2021-08-19

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Data Center World 2021 will take place 16-19 April at Orlando, Florida.


As disruptive technologies such as cloud, edge computing and IoT drive rapid change across all sectors, the data center remains at the core of business infrastructure. Data Center World 2021 will feature the most comprehensive look into the latest technologies, trends, and best practices that data center professionals need to navigate the ever-evolving industry. We will be tackling all the major pain points our industry is experiencing on a day-to-day basis, bringing value for every member of your team, regardless of position.


Data Center World is the only industry event that is affiliated with the global AFCOM membership association delivering the best vendor-neutral education, industry-leading speakers, abundant networking, and the broadest access to solution providers. 


Real Answers For Today's Data Center Issues:
- Network with the smartest and most innovative people in the data center industry



- Access to the latest data center technologies



- Learn new concepts for managing and expanding your data center that save your company money



- Learn new efficiencies in energy control that both improve the environment and lower costs



- Be among the first in the industry to learn about new product launches



- Learn how to keep costs down as your data center needs and workload expands


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