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Organizer: IQPC

Date: 2021-05-18 - 2021-05-19

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Join over 1000 oil and gas leaders at Digital Twins in Oil & Gas and learn how to leverage digital twins to reduce CAPEX and OPEX, accelerate productivity and improve asset performance now.


Could COVID-19 and the subsequent oil price collapse be the black swan event that finally forces many oil and gas companies to rethink and transform their operations? Many are saying yes.
Digital Twins offer the opportunity to oil and gas companies to use the data and information they have at their fingertips to reduce operating expenses, accelerate production and make better – and faster - decisions. By replicating physical equipment or processes in a virtual environment, oil and gas companies can optimize asset and process improvements in the virtual world before applying them in the real one.
While some oil and gas companies are taking advantage of digital twin technology in some form - most are not capturing the significant value it offers. 
Key themes include: 

- From starting up to scaling up: How to roll out digital twins across your asset portfolio

- Enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of your operations

- Delivering a proactive view of operational risk

- Getting the most ROI from your digital twin projects: Where to generate the most value

- Visualizing your assets to predict and optimize asset performance

- Providing your frontline decision makers with the crucial data they need, in the right context, when they need it

- Understanding the technology options: where to begin


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