While we work on the 2021 agenda, explore this year’s hot topics, built upon our latest research addressesing the challenges digital workplace leaders face to accelerate workplace productivity and agility. Each topic discussion helps you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization.


- Collaboration Tools & Platforms

Content collaboration is a key component of the new work nucleus. Discover which content collaboration tools provide a modern replacement for the file system, and help employees access and use content.


- User Experience Design

Learn how to meet your business’s need for a consistent, integrated and versatile approach to customer experience across a range of engagement scenarios, audiences, channels and devices.


- Digital Workplace Strategy

Learn how to deliver business capabilities that enable employees to work effectively, helping the workplace support the organization’s digital transformation ambitions.


- AI and Future of Work

Discover the latest data and insights on AI’s impact on skill needs and guidance on how leaders can drive strategy to future-proof the workforce.


- Modern Remote Access

Users want better experiences as they choose devices and switch between them. Learn how to provide a modern and flexible experience while maintaining security.


- Workplace Analytics

Hear the latest insights about workplace analytics tools that can provide insights at various levels, from devices to employees to teams and organizationwide.