Acceleration project BioTechMed has started in Tomsk on 8th September – Federal Competition GenerationS, organized by Russian Venture Company and Center for Innovational Development Moscow. During 17 days 40 teams from all around Russia, chosen from 323, will go through intensive education and will present their projects to Russian investors and business angels.


BioTechMed GenerationS was organized by Tomsk Government University. This is first in Russia acceleration program for high technological startups in the sphere of medicine and biotechnologies.


Accelerator is an educational intensive – 50 speakers: 40 Russian and 8 international and 10 mentors. 8 meetings and tele-bridges with Russian and international investors will be organized in terms of the program – platform for investors communication Talk2VC (together with RusBase), platform for professional communication for partners and mentors of the leading accelerators Acceleride Day and online system venture deals StartTrack (IIDF).


Accelerator program is being structured by topics – each day for one of the aspect. First of all is business planning, financial analysis, cooperation with investors and strategic partners.