Yandex announced about purchase of service for e-shops PriceLabs. Vendors manage their rates on goods in Yandex.Market, in order to receive the max amount of clicks to their web-sites by links.


The amount of the deal is not being revealed. The source, close to the company, said that the service was purchased for more than 38 mln.RUB or over $1 mln.
The technology includes the team with 4 specialists and the brand, not the legal entity.


PriceLabs helps to make the good noticeable by the user. Yandex.Market base has over 16 thousand internet shops, goods’ promotion requires a lot of efforts.


Service is also controlling shops’ cost on placements in so-called “goods cards”: if to make an inquiry in a search line, for example, coffee maker, in the results will appear top e-shops, which offer this good. The place in this Top (“card”) can be purchased. The place is being purchased by auction model: there is no fix price per click, there is a competition among buyers. Yandex.Market offers 2 types of placement - Cost Per Click, CPС and Cost Per Action, CPA. Co-Founder PriceLabs Alexander Akatov told in his interview to Forbes in January 2014 that the rate can varies from $0,05 till $10.