A “Big Three” self-service survey is coming out

At the time, subscriber base growth in the Russia’s cellular market is very insignificant. Therefore, the competition between Russian cellular operators has shifted down towards subscriber loyalty and subscriber retention. Therefore, it’s quite a legitimate that all operators take an extra care of “making their clients’ lives easier”, in particular, by enabling  a lot of self-management tools that customers can easily use from their mobile phones.


J’son & Partners Consulting’s experts have carefully studied self-enabled services in mobile- and WEB-based applications, such as “private offices”, rendered by leading Russia’s cellular operators.


A functional card highlighting two major segments has been developed for this study. Also, J’son & Partners Consulting’s specialists have run an estimation of 25 core operator’s services. Thus, the final score an operator could earn for self-service functionality, has been drown up as a function of the number of self-services accessible for subscribers in each of Russia’s Big Three TELCO’s.