A path to subscribers’ hearts through the MNP (MNP: Mobile Number Portability)

The mobile communication market has reached its top saturation point, therefore a transition to a new phase is necessary – says Anna Stavniychuk, business development director at  Teleperformance Russia&Ukraine. – But, no matter what, such parameters as the monthly payment amount, average bill, and the revenue per subscriber (ARPU) always play their role.


Also, such “new” factors as client satisfaction index; loyalty level; churn value often come forward. The straight-forward connection between the two groups of factors is becoming more and more obvious as long as the operator’s subscriber base is growing. The more satisfied and happy clients the operator has – the lower the churn level – it’s an axiom.


New features and services, such as, for example, different SIM cards size and design or Internet options for tablet computers, do a good service to the operator, lowering the churn, - Ms. Stavniychuk is positive about that.