Demand on mobile format ivi.ru increased for 83%, placements on Smart TV – 200%. Web cannot provide the necessary growth dynamics of online video segment in the future.


First 6 months of the year were not very easy: the market grown for 6%, but separate segments like print media fall down. Only Internet is keeping the growth rates and 2nd place after TV.


Inside the online advertising segment, it is interesting to look at sub-segments – are presented by 2 media formats: banners lost 7% ($), video increased for 50%. The fall down of banners was because of programmatic buying distribution and more effective approach to purchases in general.


Web is still bringing the main part of revenues of the video segment – concentrate the audience which activity is growing constantly. Important role plays legalization of massive video content data in Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki plus the popularization of legal market players and development of partnership networks.


After the results provided in June 2013, total audience of alternative screens ivi.ru increased twofold and reached over 15 mln.active apps. The number of views also increased for 30 and 114% and Smart TV became a number one platform by monthly number of video view (46% views per month – Smart TV). Same indicators by Smart TV demonstrated Zoomby and Tvigle, 36 and 16 % accordingly.