An ever-seeing TV set

What’s your attitude towards a TV set? Invented in the beginning of the last century, television has long become “a window to the world” for the mankind. However, today’s attitude towards TV is rather skeptical. The world has split into three parties: first does not accept TV at all, trying to criticize it by all possible means as a “zombie box”.


The second group’s representatives do watch TV, though they barely admit this fact. The third one includes individuals who have always loved to watch TV and is not going to get rid of this habit even after the appearance of computers.


Television, however, is no longer just a “TV box”. Every cellular operator, including the “Big Three”, offers TV services, though tariffs and contents differ in different providers. For example, “BeeLine” offers mobile TV service, available through subscription. Users get 13 channels for free and can order more for an extra fee.


According to Anna Steptsura, Krasnodar Regional BeeLine’s external communications specialist, sports channels are traditionally the most popular.


According to J’son & Partners Consulting estimates, the Russian mobile TV market will reach the value of 16M rubles by the end of 2014, thus demonstrating CAGR at 63%.