Beeline announced: till the end of 2014 the company is planning to launch 3G on all stations of Petersburg’s metro. The network’s modernization has started in June in St.Petersburg. By the moment, the operator has finished the modernization of network on 40 stations of the metro by providing its clients an opportunity to use high speed 3G mobile internet on escalators and underground halls. Beeline has started the construction of 3G network in St.Petersburg metro by the end of 2013. First station where operator has promised the coverage was Obvodny Kanal.


Beeline is the last operator that started 3G network construction in metro (among BIG 3). Meanwhile, its competitors MTS and Megafon have provided high speed internet in the metro. Megafon provides access on all stations.


MTS has launched 3G with DC-HSPA+ standard, with aggregation of carriers that is providing theoretical peak speed – till 42 Mb/sec.