Broadband World Forum: Highlights of Day 2

"Connectivity matters no matter the medium," said Matt Hancock MP who kicked off a packed second day here at Broadband World Forum. Whether it's fibre, a hybrid of copper and fibre or wireless, the customer cares only about the connection and their experience. How it's delivered doesn't matter.


Having his constituents raise concerns daily about their broadband is in line with his own personal experiences, and he "feels their pain". With UK traffic set to double every two years it's important now more than any other time to prioritise reliable connections.



There was a live interview with BT CEO Gavin Patterson and CNBC's Karen Tso where Gavin said, "We are committed to working with Government and the regulator to deliver the choice, speed and coverage the UK demands, but we need to ensure a fair return for our investors. The current uncertainty in the industry is not helpful."


Project Loon

Mauro de Filho from Google gave us an update on Project Loon where its balloon was launched into the stratosphere over Peru and managed to stay up for an impressive 98 days.



ZTE had its fun dancing robot, which captivated the audience.


NG-PON2 Forum launch was packed out. Established in April of 2016 as non-profit corporation, the NG-PON2 Forum will be an interest group of services providers, equipment suppliers, component vendors and analysts working towards the common goal of promoting the adoption of NG-PON2 broadband technologies that connect people, devices and technologies throughout the world. http://ngpon2forum.com/ 



Smart Homes


Smart homes and the stuff that makes them "smart" were bountiful this year. We had exhibitors such as Greenwave Systems had its AXON Platform products, Intel, Zyxel, Tilgin, and others showing off a huge array of products.

Then we had Presciense which showed us the new smart electricity meter being rolled out here in the UK. This has great potential in showing realtime costs of energy use, something that from experience we know is hard for most customers trying to figure out their paper bills, and since it's a mandated meter it will be rolled out to essentially every household.



It's not all work, work, work. We also had some fun on the F1 simulator care of BT and Williams Martini Racing.