Perm Operator ER-Telecom has integrated TV-STB in Dom.ru TV cloud game service Playkey and has been starting the beta-test. The launch in commercial use will be in 2Q2015.


Operator also plans to launch branded joy-stick for apps.


Partners in the project – developers of cloud game service Igrovie Reshenia – Game Solutions (trademark Playkey, Perm) and the manufacture of graphic processors Nvidia Corporation.


According to developers of the Playkey app, 5-10Mbyte/sec speed is enough for Internet connection. Games are in the cloud and only video stream is broadcasted on TV-STB. The app operates on any operational system with the use of cloud platform Nvidia grid. Playkey has over 20 clusters in a leased DPC in different Russian cities for games’ storage. 100 games were in the library in summer, by the end of 2014, the number will be increased till 120.