Legal content popularity is growing.


Digital content is becoming in demand due to the development of new technologies, expansion of gadgets range and growth of Internet penetration. For the last 20 years, digital content made a way from the first devices with digital information till the massive platform for digital distribution in the internet.


Digital content - wide range of informational and entertainment materials, which are being distributed in a digital form via communication channels; they aimed to be used on digital devices, such as, computer, mobile terminal, specialized devices. Digital content can be presented as games, video, audio or text.


According to J son & Partners Consulting analysts, digital content market will grow till 109 bln.USD by 2016. USA, at the moment, is the largest segment on the global arena.


Russian digital content market is a lot differ from USA, UK, Japan, South Korea markets by structure. One common feature – game content prevails over other market segments: from 53% in USA till 97% in Russia, except Japan, where there is no market leader by segment, but online-video has the major share.