Do banks receive the feedback from the phone calls to clients; is it possible to refuse from such calls?


FF.ru asked these questions to banks’ representative.


Nowadays, Russian banks are actively calling citizens and offer them credit products. Employees of credit organizations usually call not only to their clients, but clients of the partners, participants of pension funds etc. Do they receive the feedback from such advertising and how many people respond on their offers?


Natalya Podberezina, Head of Telemarketing Center in Alfa-Bank: “the percentage of interested clients – 9.4%. This is the average number by all companies. In reality, our services are being used by 4% of clients who received calls from us. The opportunities of banking services are expanding. And we feel that we accomplish not only the sales role, but also the educational. Not everyone knows that credit card is providing free door for discounts and privileges, saving time and funds. A lot of people need information about virtual cards for internet purchases”.


Alfa-bank is being proud with its success, 4% is really a very good indicator. According to FF.ru experts, in average banks receive the result at the rate of 1.5-2%.


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