"ER-Telecom" well may surpass overtake MTS in the number of pay-TV subscribers

Who is the Number 3 Pay TV operator in Russia? Experts’ opinions differ. One of them say this is MTS, while the others are giving the third place to “ER-Telecom”.


Allegedly, “ER-Telecom” has overtaken MTS by the number of subscribers according to Q2 results. Hence, “ER-Telecom” has now become number three pay TV operator in Russia, says iKS-Consulting’s report. By the end of H2, 2014, “ER-Telecom’s” subscriber base numbered in 2.65 million subscribers VS MTS’s 2.59 million.


It is still unknown who is the third pay-TV operator by the number of subscribers in Russia. According to some analysts, it is "ER-Telecom", while according to the others, it is still MTS.