FOCUS: Russia’s MTS veers to satellite TV, seen as business diversification

Popenko from J’son & Partners Consulting said that the Russian market of pay satellite TV market counted 14.37 million households as of the end of June. The largest players in the segment are Tricolor TV, Orion Express and NTV Plus, he said.


“Emergence of new operators at the moment is obstructed by an aggressive marketing policy of companies-leaders. However, in the mid-term prospect, MTS may gain a loyal audience thanks to high brand awareness,” Popenko said.


The analyst said that he does not know of similar services among cellular behemoths. “Large cellular operator AT&T showed interest to the acquisition of the DirectTV company, the second largest satellite operator in the U.S in early 2014. In the segment of pay TV we can speak about successful launches of similar services by U.S. satellite operators DirectTV and Dish Network,” Popenko said.


“The start of Over the Top (OTT) video services equipped companies with an option to transmit signal to such devices as smartphones and tablets, which increased coverage.”