An impressive picture on the market: Two cellular operators are fighting not for the first, or second or even third place, but for the fourth place. Yota announced about its desire while real fourth market player Tele2 is sleeping.


Yota. Everything starts from the app, via which the delivery of SIM card can be made. SIM card is universal – any size miniSIM, microSIM, nanoSIM or a general one.


There is a slight problem: nanoSIM is thinner than microSIM or any other, so for devices with large SIM cards it can be critical: SIM card won’t fit perfectly, so the device can “lose” it from time to time.


It is impossible to choose the number of the cell phone; SIM card will be delivered in non-active mode and should be activated in the smartphone via USSD; afterwards, you receive the number which can be seen in the app.