Rostelecom North-West has launched GPON network construction in Kaliningrad and the region, in 1,5 year, the fiber will cover 90% of HHs in the city.


Rostelecom representatives said, “By the end of 2014, the number of new optical communication networks will be constructed in the same amount as for the total year – telecom networks will be connected to 39 thousand HHs. BIG3 in Kaliningrad – part of implementation of new Rostelecom’s strategy, which includes construction of optical networks’ all around Russia”.


MGTS (implemented GPON project in Moscow) told that the number of users who uses this technology increased almost 1,5 times for the 1H2014. On July 2014 – over 800 thousand MGTS subscribers used services based on GPON technology. Such connection growth rates are being explained by network’s coverage in the capital – nowadays over 70% HHs or over 2,8 mln., have an opportunity to connect services via optic network.