“Happy New Year” – Mikhail Goryachev, Tricolor TV content director

If tsar Peter the Great had a TV set, it might have refrained him from making his calendar reforms: the matter is that the “TV year” starts in September, like a New Year in a Peter-the-Great-époque Russia.


All major marketing actions and infinitives on TV take place in September. All participants of the TV market know it perfectly and, in turn, are getting ready to the sales blast.


What are character features of the Russia’s TV now? In general, the picture is not that bright as it used to be two-three years ago. There are several reasons for that. First is the general market decline, which research agencies tell us about since the end of QII. The root cause is banal: market saturation. Pay TV penetration in big cities is approaching 100%. In smaller towns it’s also high enough. The average penetration in Russia, according to research agencies, comes to 63%. But in reality it’s even higher.


The second reason is related to the new advertisement legislation which is going to be out shortly. Many things in the new law are quite unexpected for TV channels’ representatives. According to the author’s forecast, as many as 50-70% of existing TV channels won’t be able to cope with the upcoming changes and will have to leave the market.