It happened a lot when you were afraid to leave the phone even for a min when you were waiting for important SMS but instead received a suggestion to purchase new couch under special offer. Besides, you did really purchase this coach and your number got in this clients’ base. Situation is close to many people.


SMS spam irritates everyone, including the law making authorities. In May 2014 State Duma accepted the law draft that forbids mobile operators to send SMS spam without subscribers’ consent. According to Vimpelcom data, each subscriber received per month 12 SMS spam in 2013 and in 2012 – only 2. According to J'son & Partners Consulting data, the total market of bulk SMS increased in 2013 for 70% and reached over 100 mln.RUB.


According to the director of new products in Megafon D.Ushmaev, last year the number of users’ messages from legal companies prevailed under the number of users’ sms. In the future, sms will stop being the way of communication between individuals.