Internet Advertising in Belarus grows by 30% per year

Internet advertising is occupying an increasingly important position in Belarus: in 2012-2013 this segment grew by more than 220% in the monetary terms. This data is contained in a research released today by J'son & Partners Consulting.


In 2013, the volume of the Belorussian online advertising market amounted to $15.6Mx. In 2010-2013, the volume of the online advertising market in Belarus had been increasing by, in an average, by 25-30% per year.


The decrease in volume in 2011 happened due to a new wave of the crisis, which caused stagnation in the overall advertising market. Media advertising is dominating in Belarus (50%). In 2013-2014, a slight increase in a contextual advertising share in comparison with the level of 2012 with its subsequent decline is predicted.


Media advertisement segment in Belarus is dominated by banner advertising. As estimated by b, the volume of media advertising reached $7.8M in 2013.