Internet advertising in Russia in 1H2014


According to Russian Association of Communication Agencies (ACAR), volume of internet advertising in 2014 was 38 bln.RUB excl. VAT. By money volume, internet advertising is 3 years in the row has the second place after the TV advertising – 22% from total ATL-“pie” (results of 2013, 23% in 1H2014).


Same as before, internet-advertising segment is showing outperformance: +20% vs results of 1H2013, with market growth of +6%.


Traditionally, inside the segment of internet advertising ACAR is giving estimations of sub-segments of media and content advertising. Result of 1H2014: volume of media advertising was 8 bln.RUB (range 7,7-8,3 bln.RUB), content – 30 bln.RUB (range 29,2 – 30,9 bln.RUB).


Share of content advertising in 1H2014 – 79% of all counted money from online advertising. Such sub-segment is showing growth faster than all media internet advertising, and increasing its share inside the segment yearly (as of 2013 – 72% share).