Companies should invest nonstop in research and development of new products if they want to stay competitive. Total volume of investments in R&D last year by communication operators was over 29,2 bln.USD.


J’son & Partners Consulting presented main results of the research about investments in R&D by global communication operators, 2013.


Volume of global R&D market was 635 bln.USD in 2013 (evaluated by financial indices of 1000 largest R&D investors). Volkswagen, Samsung, Roche and Intel are among companies that have large R&D costs. There are no telecommunication companies in TOP 20 of the largest investors in R&D.


Based on analysis of investment policy in the sphere of R&D, J’son & Partners Consulting evaluated R&D market volume in telecom industry as 1,4% of the total telecom market volume. The market increased from 105 bln.USD till 2 205 bln.USD in 2013. Range of global R&D market in telecom sector is 29,2-30,9 bln.USD

China Mobile wasn’t researched as corporate information in R&D is closed.


LTE, cloud services, M2M, e-health and energy saving sources are priority directions of telecom operators R&D.