Maxima Telecom – operator of Wi-Fi in Moscow metro, the company has developed software for identification of users.


According to new rules about communication services in collective access spots, including public Wi-Fi networks, operator should provide users’ identification. There are several ways for this – for example, by passport data, mobile phone number, government services portal.


Elena Novikova, PR Department of IT Moscow, said that department has sent official inquiry to the Ministry of Communication and asked to clarify if users’ identification in metro is also necessary same as in Moscow’s parks, universities, schools and hospitals.

- We want to understand what we have to do when our end customer is Moscow Government and we are providing guest access to citizens.

According to Moscow Metro, they also are waiting for clarifications but have already taken measures.

-          We have developed software that will identify users in Wi-Fi.


The system will identify users by unique EMEI-numbers of their gadgets. If we know the IMEI number, special services can find out the name, surname and other holder’s data.