Moscow operator MGTS has increased the number users of broadband access to internet and digital TV based on GPON in B2B segment for over 50%. The number of such clients doubled for a year.


BBA subscribers’ base increased mostly in small and medium business segment. The number of clients, which connected the service of broadband access to Internet has increased for 40% during 9 moth 2014 (September 2013 – September 2014) - more than twice.


In B2BG (Government and Budget Organization), services based on GPON were in most demand: broadband access to Internet and interactive digital TV. The number of such clients has increased for almost 40% starting the beginning of 2014.


Penetration of package services among corporate MGTS clients was over 20%. In most cases they have chosen digital TV together with Internet and telephony.


Marketing and Product Director MGTS Dmitry Kulakovsky: “Optical Company’s network is covering over 80% of Moscow’s territory. The use of modern technology allows us to connect corporate clients to the Internet on the speed till 500 Mbyte/sec without additional fee and also provide packages of digital TV in HD quality”.